Summary of the Film

God's Courtroom powerfully describes the charge, potential defenses, penalty, witnesses, burden of proof, and most importantly, God's offer of a pardon, to every person. Set in the heart of the Land of Lincoln, drawing on Abraham Lincoln's historic legal career, this presentation was filmed in four historic Illinois courthouses, the Old State Capitol of Illinois, and the Old Franklin County Jail.

As Bruce Kugler, a lawyer for more than 20 years, read and studied the Bible, many legal terms and concepts began to catch his attention. He noticed that the Bible presented God as the Supreme Judge of all humanity and that everyone will one day stand trial in God's Courtroom. He discovered the Bible provides extensive details of this experience which is an inevitable part of every person's future.

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Using the Film In your Church

Pastors and churches are encouraged to use the film in three different ways:

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Scheduling a Presentation

Bruce Kugler is available to present the message "God's Courtroom" to any church or organization regardless of denomination, affiliation, or viewpoint. He comes to the podium advising the audience about their impending trial in God's courtroom. As your counsel, he provides important information on the judge, charge, penalty, and potential defenses. He ends the presentation with a clear invitation to accept a plea agreement, a pardon, that is possible by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. For churches, the message is ideal for a Sunday morning service.

If you would to contact Bruce Kugler to speak at your church or organization, he may be reached at